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About us

Casa Dionisio is the home that shelters a great family of 100% Mexican distillates

CASA DIONISIO offers you a wide range of brands, all 100% organic, artisanal craft spirits handmade in Mexico. We represent high quality products. Excellent, both in flavor as well as in brand design. But above all, we want to offer to the world a culinary and spiritual experience made from all the different flavors that proudly represent our Mexican roots.

The objective of our company is collaboration, and the idea of putting forth this project was with the intention of representing our country and generating progress in the various indigenous communities, since they are the founders of Mexico and the roots of our land.

This great adventure began more than eleven years ago on a trip that was filled with magic, in the state of Chiapas, by getting to know the usages and customs of the region. 

That is how this infatuation with our first POX SIGLO CERO distilled came about, that through its history and its roots began to involve ourselves further with various indigenous and producing families of the region and awoke in ourselves this very important and fundamental part within Casa Dionisio, which is social responsibility