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Sotomayor is a Mexican brand inspired by the greatness of the desert, its traditions and history are kept warm and alive inside the heart of the Sotol plant. Soft, wild and ancestral, Sotomayor is a refined distillate, that like the fine sands of the desert, awakens the senses and lifts the spirit.Our Sotol is a PROTECTED DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN - PDO product of the northern states of Mexico. It is a beverage that invites you on a journey full of culture and tradition.

Sotol is a Mexican distillate of soft yet refined notes that awakens the senses and lifts the spirit. It is 100%organic since its made entirely with the sotolera plant and then goes through an artisanal process of production. Being an ancestral drink, its identity is difficult to describe.This wonderful beverage comes from a plant scientifically known as Dasylirion, which is found only in the Chihuahuan desert, Coahuila and Durango, Mexico


It has been part of everyday life since pre-Hispanic times. It is used both culinary and medicinally in the northern indigenous communities, in which building their identity involves deep understanding of the present by keeping a strong bond with the past.


The bottles are made of ceramic and glass, both were inspired by the craftsmanship of Mata Ortiz.


In collaboration with the community where it is produced and with the Tarahumara people, we found the artistic inspiration of our bottles The design on this beautiful bottle was achieved by wanting to rescue the cultural tradition in Paquime’s archeological area by portraying a pattern of “frets” created by Mata Ortiz craftsmen and thus be able to show the world one more of its many traditions. the name SOTOMAYOR was decided by various circumstances and diverse qualities that influence the greatness of this wild plant