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Siglo Cero Pox is a 100% Mexican brand.Native to the state of Chiapas, it was born with the purpose of gathering and exposing a small part of the great cultural wealth we can find in our roots today. We are focused in providing our customers with a Pox of the highest quality in its production process, thus rescuing the original recipe that has been used for centuries. Pox is an ancestral beverage oft he Mayan culture, made from four different types of corn, sugar cane and wheat, all traditional from the region of Chiapas.It is produced in San Juan Chamula, Chiapas, where the tradition of drinking Pox is kept alive thanks to its distinctive flavor and meaning. In Tzotzil, a Mayan language, Pox (posh) means medicine or cure and it is considered an all natural remedy.

Siglo Cero, as well as Casa Dionisio, firmly believe that the history, the roots and mysticism that our country has created through out history should be transmitted around the world through our great distilled beverage


This beautiful bottle is mainly represented by the great distilled found within it, but this is not the only thing SIGLO CERO wants to transmit, since part of its decor is filled with history, mysticism and art. “SIGLO CERO” is the name we decided to portray on the bottle because it is in this century when the elaboration of this great distilled is created by our Mayan culture, being that century the one where the beverage reached its greatest peak in Chiapanecan culture. A very important note of relevance is that the zero was also created by this culture. Its cork emulates the tip of an ear of corn tied to a string which will serve as the bottle’s cap, and with this setting, its cap will not be lost.

Three birds that highly represent the Mayan culture are plastered on the image:

  • The flying eagle represents its splendor
  • The owl represents the spiritual being since it is a bird of night and day
  • The quetzal represents its sacred meaning since it is said that when the bird sings again, an era of change will come. It is said that the bird lost its voice after it saw all the brutality of the Spanish conquest.  

At the bottom of the bottle you will see a colorful and beautiful artisanal crafted bracelet created by the totzily women.