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Loyal to the ideals and traditions within Casa Dionisio and Mexico, we present to you our new project, filled with magic wisdom and misticism.

Although we were already bearers of a great legacy constructed by this great distillate which is POX, today we wanted to continue conveying the greatness not only of this distillate nor of a state, but of a great culture packed with occultism, magic, wisdom and grandeur as is the Tzotzil culture, This brand is 100% Mexican which originated from Chiapas and is created with the purpose of bringing forth the knowledge of a smal 

In order to communicate with the gods and to heal the sick, the Mayan shamans consume Pox, because it helps them to enter into a trance to invoke Camazotz ,the bat god, keeper of the secrets of the night and darkness, messenger of death. Don Dante is the conjunction of the product that emanates from two different stages of the Pox’s distillation and is created with the master recipe of one of the great poxers of the region. The result is an unctuous beverage with character, ideal for exalting the soul and accompanying the spiritual moments in our lives.This 46º elixir is a sacred element that is occupied in the Totzil and Tzetzal Altos de Chiapas communities in their rituals and ceremonies.


Faithful to the ideals of innovation and respect towards ancestral cultures of Casa Dionisio, we present Pox Don Dante. Pox DonDante is born from the desire that us, as Mexican businessmen have of rescuing from oblivion one of the most important ancestral beverages of our country, as well as supporting the families of the several producers involved in its elaboration. This way, we hope to collaborate to maintain alive one of our most rooted heritages in the Altos de Chiapas Mayan communities.